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Child Protection Law in Ontario – Katelynn’s Principle & Bill 89

You’ve undoubtedly heard the name Katelynn Sampson along with the unforgettable details of the physical abuse she endured at the hands of the people charged with her care and safety.  Seven-year-old Katelynn died in 2008 after her body went into septic shock.   Her autopsy revealed that she had 70 wounds at the time of her death, …

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Testamentary Capacity & Undue Influence – Challenging a Will’s Validity

In November 2016, the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan released its decision in an estate law case (Bachman v. Scheidt Estate) in which the daughter of the deceased sought to have her father’s will proven in solemn form.  She alleged that the deceased did not have the necessary testamentary capacity to execute the will in question, …

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What is a Paternity Agreement?

The Basics of a Paternity Agreement A “Paternity Agreement” is a type of Domestic Contract.  A Paternity Agreement will typically arise in a situation where parties: have a child or children together; are not married; and are ending the relationship. The Family Law Act of Ontario (FLA) defines a Paternity Agreement as follows: Definitions 1. (1) In this …

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