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The Basics of An Annulment

Question: I don’t want to get divorced. Can I get an annulment instead? Answer: Annulments are different from divorces. A divorce is the legal end to a marriage, granted by a Judge. In Canada, you can obtain a divorce if there is a breakdown in the marriage, based on one of three grounds: living separate […]

Common Law Cohabitation and Property Rights

In Ontario, common law couples do not automatically have property rights in the way that married couples do. Rather, when you are common law, ownership is strictly by title. In simplest terms, this means that each party leaves the relationship with whatever is in his or her name, and assets are not subject to division […]

Substance Abuse and Divorce

Addiction can alter or even destroy relationships, so it’s no surprise that it can sometimes be a factor in a couples’ divorce as well.  It can cause trust issues, financial problems, and concerns about raising children.  Dependency can take the person with whom you fell in love and completely transform them into your worst nightmare.  […]