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How to Save Money on Your Divorce

When people think about “divorce”, the words that most often spring to mind are: “expensive”, “stressful” and “financially debilitating”. It doesn’t have to be this way. Taking steps to uncouple two lives that may or may not include children and property is not a cheap endeavor. However there are things that you and your spouse […]

Don’t Fall Into a Trap: Marriage Contracts

A marriage contract is one of the three types of domestic contracts as set out in the Family Law Act in the Province of Ontario.  A marriage contract is similar in concept to a “pre-nuptial agreement” or, “prenup”, as it is called in the United States.  A marriage contract can be entered into prior to […]

Same Sex Divorce in Canada

In Canada, The Civil Marriages Act was enacted in 2005 to extend to same-sex couples the legal capacity to marry for civil purposes. This was the last step in the long process to enable same-sex couples to marry in Canada… [Read More]