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Division of Property: The Matrimonial Home

For many people, the largest asset that they may ever own is their matrimonial home. It is meant to be a place of security and comfort where couples hope to rear and raise a family. So it is not surprising that the matrimonial home receives special attention during any divorce proceeding. Since negotiations involving the […]

Common Law and Property Equalization

When a marriage is dissolved, each partner is entitled to share one half of the increase in value of their family property and must also share in the losses amassed while they were married. Any increase in the value of property owned by one spouse during the time the couple was married must legally be […]

Financial Disclosure and Child Support

Every parent has a legal duty to support their dependent children to the best of their ability. After the breakdown of a marriage and as parents begin to go their separate ways, custody and access issues must be determined to ensure that both parents continue to have the optimal level of involvement in their children’s […]