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Divorce: The Basics

Divorce in Ontario is the easiest part, from a legal perspective, to the end of a marriage. The issues of property, support or children are corollary to divorce and are ordinarily resolved in advance of the granting of divorce. There is only one ground for divorce. This is marriage breakdown. Marriage breakdown can be shown […]

Divorce: The Details

Under the Federal Statute, the Divorce Act, divorce may be granted in Canada on only one ground: marriage breakdown. Marriage breakdown can be proved by one year of separation, adultery or cruelty. It is more difficult to get a divorce based on adultery or cruelty, as your spouse may oppose it, making the whole process […]

Same Sex Divorce in Canada

In Canada, The Civil Marriages Act was enacted in 2005 to extend to same-sex couples the legal capacity to marry for civil purposes. This was the last step in the long process to enable same-sex couples to marry in Canada… [Read More]